Whole Body Vibration & Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint for many many people. There are several factors that can cause pain in the knee. It can be related to the knee joint or around the knee. Some pain is commonly caused by overusing the knee or suddenly injuring it.

Pain Management, Range of Motion, & LifetimeVibe Whole Body Vibration - Medical Professionals Speak

Knee pain can come from an injury, a sprain, or tear. It can come from a disease like osteoarthritis or from inflammation such as bursitis. It can be a deformity or a syndrome, such as runnerʼs knee.

Whole body vibration has helped improve the symptom of pain in the knee in some people. It is low impact and stresses the bone tissue just enough to cause it to increase in mass and density. Whole body vibration eliminates the trauma to sensitive joints and tendons that often makes conventional exercise intolerable.

Speak with a medical professional for the cause of the pain.