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Whole Body Vibration Machine

LifetimeVibe is the Mercedes of whole body vibration machines! Developed by doctors, physical therapists, nurses, and patients, LifetimeVibe is the perfect whole body vibration solution! Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States, LifetimeVibe will be the last exercise machine you’ll ever need!

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Whole body vibration has exploded onto the health front with revolutionary ways to improve your personal well-being through vibration technology! Whole body vibration devices that provide health and beauty benefits have been researched extensively in recent years.


When you stand on our oscillating vibration technology platform, vertical vibrations are produced with a side-alternating rocking movement, similar to walking.


Unlike other whole body vibration machines, every LifetimeVibe already comes with the accessories. Each LifetimeVibe comes with a stool and removable guardrails for exercises that require their use.


Developed by doctors, physical therapists, nurses, and patients, LifetimeVibe is the perfect whole body vibration solution! LifetimeVibe will be the last exercise machine you’ll ever need!

Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

Back Pain

Back Pain

Weight Loss

Weight Loss



Helps With Multiple Symptoms Whole body vibration is currently being used by physical therapy centers, spas, and clinics to help alleviate the symptoms of the issues below.

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Our body reacts to this natural stimulus with an involuntary reflex muscle contraction. Depending on the speed, muscles will react up to 23 times per second.



Whole Body Vibration (WBV) works by transferring vibrations from an oscillating platform to muscles throughout the body, enabling them to contract and relax multiple times per second in a reflex action.


Whole body vibration encourages weight loss. If you have been unsuccessful at losing weight, you have probably tried numerous fad diets that count calories, carbs, proteins, have good fat or bad fat.


Whole body Vibration stimulates the primary endings of the muscle spindles, activating alpha-motor neurons resulting in muscle contractions.

Pain, Injury, & Recovery

elaxation brought on by whole body vibration has a diminishing effect on pain by the release of endorphins, encephalin and other pain-reducing neuro-chemicals.

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Oscillating/ Pivotal Technology

Oscillating vibration is the most natural vibrating movement and has the widest range of benefits. People find this type of vibration technology most comfortable and it makes sense that muscles are activated alternately as they would be in walking.

This is by far the most popular type of vibration technology with many scientific studies to support it. Widely used by chiropractors, physiotherapists, trainers and doctors across the world, this type of vibration technology is suitable for all ages and health levels.

Linear / Tri-planar Technology

Very high frequency vertical micro-vibrations are created by this technology. This style of technology can be uncomfortable for some users as it does not emulate a natural movement like walking.

These types of technology are not recommended for those that are not in top shape and can be very uncomfortable for older users. There are also questions about frequencies that may be too high and aggressive for the body.

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